Hansen Rules

Hansen RULES & SPN EXCEPTIONS, March 08, 2017

Game times 6:20 & 7:40


Player participation will be at the coach’s discretion


2.1  Any player, duly registered with ESSPA can be used as a spare for league play.  A player from the opposing team cannot be used as a spare.

2.2  Spares are allowed in Playoffs if they are registered with ESSPA in a division other than Cuthbertson.  Spares must bat at the bottom of the order but can play any position.  Guest Players will be allowed in the Playoffs in the Consolation series (non Gold medal games)


This year there is no fee for a Guest Player to play a maximum of 2 games during the season.  However the player registration form must be completed and accepted by a Board Member well in advance of the game being played.

Guest Players will be allowed in the Playoffs in the Consolation series (non Gold medal games)


SPN Rule 8 Section 14 D - NO tagging at home.

The Scoring Line will - NOT the plate if there is one - will be used.


-There shall not be any sliding at 1st Base. There is a safe base for the batter to step on, therefore, no sliding is permitted.

Players are reminded to incorporate safety considerations when base running. In double play situations it is the lead runner's responsibility to not interfere with the most likely line of path of the ensuing throw. If you are not sliding / diving, it is your responsibility to veer out of the way asap.It is not recommended that you 'stay tall'. Putting your hands in front of you to 'protect yourself' is likely an indication that you should have done something more respectful, much sooner.

See SPN Rule 8, Sec. 4J for consequences.

If this interference is an obvious attempt to prevent a double play, the base runner closest to home plate shall also be called out.


A team can start or complete a game with 9 players. If you start a game with 9 players there will be no automatic out. If you start a game with 10 or more players and you lose a player during the course of the game for any reason (injury, ejection, player has to leave) you will not be charged an automatic out for that spot in the batting lineup. If there is no one to take the spot of the player who has left then the spot is eliminated in the batting order.

Please note then that in Sec. 4, “required number of players” could be 9. A late addition to complete a starting line up of 10 is considered to be a starter, not a substitute since he is filling a vacant position, not replacing a player. (A player is considered to be a Substitute only when he replaces a player in the batting lineup.)


C6.  LINEUP CARD   Rule 5, SEC. 3 D

Although potential spares and substitutes would normally be included on the lineup card and score sheet, a spare's name can be added to the line up card at any time provided that, in the umpire's opinion, it is not unduly delaying the game. For instance, trying to insert a Guest Player that was not properly registered before the game would be considered as unduly delaying.  

Regular roster players whose names should always appear on the lineup card given to the umpire prior to the game may nonetheless be added at any time during the game to the bottom of the batting lineup or used as a substitute or courtesy runner.  The designation of 'Substitute' or 'Adding to the bottom of the Batting Lineup' should be declared asap after a player arrives.  Spare players retain their spot in the batting lineup when a roster player is added to the batting lineup. 

C7.  GAME START   Rule 4, SEC. 3

THE START OF THE GAME is the point in time when the teams have exchanged lineups and the HOME team has declared 1st  or 2nd bat. Home team is pre-determined for ALL games. 


There will be no limit for home runs on Diamond #1 or #2. The limit on Diamonds #3 and #4 will be 2 per team. 

Over-the-fence home runs are walk offs.  The batter and any baserunners do not have to proceed to the next base. 


9.1  10 courtesy runners in a game, the same runner can be used a maximum of 2 times.

9.2  A courtesy runner from home for a player with an injury is permissible. It is understood that that the intent of the rule is to allow a healing player to keep playing and minimize the chance of aggravating an injury. 

The umpire will make a starting line 2 meters behind the extension of the 3rd base foul line  and an “oops” line 20 ft towards first. The batter is out if he touches or crosses the “oops”line. The batter is also out if the courtesy runner touches or crosses the starting line before the ball is hit. In either case, the defense has the option of choosing the result of the play or having the batter being called out and all runners returning to the base they held prior to the play. If the courtesy runner touches or crosses the starting line during a strike when the ball is not hit, the batter is out. A courtesy runner from home is considered part of the team total allowable of 10 courtesy runners. 

9.3  Any fully bonafide 60+ team will be granted unlimited use of courtesy runners as per SPN rules. Although the rule book does not set a restriction, we will abide by the standard that SPN Alberta follows which normally restricts a courtesy runner to once an inning.


Bats must be tested by June 1. Bats with a 2016 sticker or new legal bats that meet SPN legal bat requirements that haven’t been tested can be used until June 1. Bats purchased after June 1 must be tested before they can be used. 

10.1  Use of illegal bat (no 2016 sticker on used bats up until June 1st, or no 2017 sticker on any bat after June 1st) - player and coach removed from the game being played only. The roster spot may be re-filled with sitting players or the roster is shortened, there are no automatic outs in Cuthbertson. 

 10.2  Use of altered bat - the player and the coach are suspended from the league for the remainder of the season as per the SPN rule book.


The 1st time a player is ejected from the game being played only. No additional discipline. 

The 2nd time a  player is ejected from the game being played plus the following 3 games. The player may appeal to the league committee (a team representative from each of the other teams. Minimum of 3 forms a quorum) only if the player's coach supports the player. The coach and player and umpires(s) must submit a written statement to the Cuthbertson Division Director within 2 league playing days. The committee must make a decision within 2 league playing days after receiving the appeal. If the Cuthbertson Director's team is directly involved in the appeal, he is omitted from the decision process. If the appeal is denied the 3 game suspension is upheld.

 The 3rd and every subsequent time the player, coach and umpire(s) must submit a written statement to the Cuthbertson Division Director within 2 league playing days. A face to face meeting shall be held consisting of the player, coach, umpire director and a minimum of 3 of the team representatives within 2 league playing days. The League President may be included depending on the severity of the reason for ejection. If the appeal is upheld the player may play the next scheduled game. If the appeal is denied there is a minimum 3 game suspension up to being banned from the league.


The mercy rule has been eliminated for regular season and playoffs, the losing team has the option to continue playing.


A team will forfeit a game by a score of 7-0 if it can not field a team within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time.


No inning shall start within 10 minutes of the next scheduled game time.


15.1  In the spirit of 4.A.a, the home plate umpire will try to resolve an acceptable (misinterpretaion or misapplication) verbal protest as quickly as possible onsite before resuming the game.  He can consult with, in person or on the phone, the Cuthbertson UIC, Umpire Assigner, Cuthbertson Coordinator or his Assistant /Designate, Divisions Liaison Director, or fellow Umpire(s).  If the decision is not acceptable to the protesting coach he can then make an Official Protest as per 4.A.b which includes a $150 cash fee to be submitted to ESSPA via the Umpire.  If possible, the Umpire will immediately convene (in person or by conference call) a Protest Committee of any 2 of the above to help him make a binding decision.  If it is not possible to accomplish this in about 5 minutes for a first game of a double header or about 10 minutes for a second game or single game, the game will resume with the Protest Point clearly marked on the official scoresheet.   The umpire should be especially aware of the time remaining in the game if the protest is occurring towards the end of the time frame for a first game of a double header.

If a binding decision was not reached at the Protest Point, the UIC or his Designate will convene a committee as quickly as possible.

  • Protests based on PLAYER ELIGIBILTY will be handled as per Sec 4B.





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