Division #1

Div 1 Information (Hansen)



ESSPA Division #1 RULES


The following rules have been adopted by ESSPA Division 1 (formerly referenced as Hansen Division).

  1. BATS: Legal bats must be stamped with the USSSA 1.2 BPF ‘Thumbprint’ logo.
    Bats shall be marked with “Official Softball” or “Slow Pitch OnlyNSA Rule 3 Sec 1(d)
    NSA Approved Bat Policy (https://nsacanada.ca/bats/). 

    The BATTER IS OUT if he/she enters the batter’s area with an illegal, non-approved or altered bat. NSA Rule 9, Sec 1(u).
    The batter is NOT ejected for using an illegal bat NSA Rule 1 Sec 20, Rule 7, Sec 1(c)
     Only the batter is ejected from the game for using an altered bat NSA Rule 7, Sec 1(d) 
  2. UNIFORMS: ALL players MUST wear the same uniform (colour) Tee as provided by the league. NO tee, NO play. NSA Rule 3, Sect 6  (note similar colour tees can be worn as a minimum).
  3. WALKS: If a male batter is walked, intentional or otherwise with FOUR straight balls, and if a female follows that male batter, the male batter will be awarded second base and the female must bat. If the female batter is not occupying the on-deck circle at the time of the walk, the male batter is awarded first base only. Specific to ESSPA Division 1, amended from NSA rule 7, Sect 2(b)
  4. FIVE RUN RULE: Runs per inning are limited to 5 per team, except for the declared final inning, which will be unlimited runs for each team (Specific to ESSPA Division 1)
  5. MERCY RULE: 12 runs after FIVE innings. Specific to ESSPA Division 1, NSA Rule 5, Sec 3.3 EXCEPTION
  6. MINIMUM PLAYERS: Our previous rules for numbers, unlimited batters, injury rule, etc. remain the same. For an open injury, bleeding must be stopped before a player can continue, NSA Rule 4, Sec 6. A player removed due to injury does not result in an automatic out when their turn to bat comes around. An injured base runner can be replaced immediately by the previous batter (not on base) with no penalty.
  7. LEAD OFFSThere will be no lead offs by base runners. A base runner can only come off the base after the bat makes contact with the ball. A base runner who comes off the base prior to this contact is automatically Out unless time has been called by the umpire. modified from NSA Rule 5, Sec 5(c)
  8. TAGGING AT HOME PLATE: Not allowed after the runner completely crosses the commitment line. NSA Rule 2, Sec 3(f)
  9. COURTESY RUNNERSA player used as a courtesy runner must be the last available batter (lady or man) on the team whether as a baserunner or runner from home. A base runner can be “courtesied” any number of times.   Specific to ESSPA Division 1, amended from NSA Rule 4, Sec 7
  10. COURTESY RUNNER FROM HOMEAn injured player requiring a courtesy runner from home is to be identified to the opposing team prior to the start of the game. The courtesy runner (last available batter) whether advanced by a hit ball or walk can only run as far as first base and must remain on first base until advanced by the next batter. If the injured player is playing defensively, he/she can only play in the catcher or pitcher position. Specific to ESSPA, Division 1

NOTE: The walk rule still applies. If a home run is hit or an overthrow occurs at any base, the courtesy runner must still stop at first base. All preceding runners can advance at their own peril on all hit balls or overthrows.

  1. STRIKE MAT - BATTER'S AREA - ON DECK BATTER: The STRIKE MAT is located within the BATTER'S AREA (formerly the batter's box). The strike mat is twenty-two inches wide and an appropriate length (3 feet) and is in its entirety, IN FAIR TERRITORY NSA Rule 1, section 38. 

The BATTER'S AREA (regardless of the markings on the pad on which the strike mat rests at our diamonds) extends three feet on either side of the of the strike mat for the length of the strike mat. A batter when taking their batting position must have at least one foot inside the batter's area. The batter IS OUT IF THE BAT CONTACTS THE BALL, fair or foul, when: either foot is in contact with the strike mat; either foot is completely within the twenty two inch area in front of or behind the strike mat; when both feet are outside the three foot area on either side of the strike mat; if the leading foot is completely behind the trailing edge of the strike mat; or, the trailing foot is completely in front of the leading edge of the strike mat. The batter will also be called out if, after a called ball/strike/or foul ball leaves the batter's area and takes longer than ten seconds to re-enter the batter's area when called to bat.  NSA Rule 7, Sec 1(a).

The ON DECK BATTER is the next batter in the batting order following the at-bat batter and must occupy the on- deck circle. When the on- deck batter is called to bat he or she has twenty seconds to enter the batter's area or will be called out.  NSA Rule 7, Sec 11.  NOTE: There is no provision for a substitute player in the on- deck circle because the listed batter is absent.

  1. HOME RUN RULE: A team can have a maximum differential of two, over the fence, home runs. Each home run in excess of the differential will be allowed as a single only. All preceding base runners will advance one base only on the hit. Inside the fence home runs will NOT count against the differential nor will a home run (over the fence) that resulted from a defensive player deflecting the ball over the fence.  NSA Rule 5, Sec 10.
  2. MISCELLANEOUSIt is incumbent upon team managers and coaches to read and understand NSA rules and additional rules that apply to ESSPA Division 1.
  3. Allow only players who have a reasonable understanding of NSA rules, ESSPA Division 1 rules, and a traditional understanding of the game in general and a sense of fair play are to umpire.
  4. Have a player or responsible non-player to maintain their score sheet and to keep their respective teams ready to bat and confirm scores after each half inning. Non-player score keepers must understand they have NO say in how the game is played outside of their respective dugouts. Please take a picture of your score sheet at the end of the game and text or email to the appropriate individual.
  5. Maintain order on their bench and ensure their team respects the other team, the umpires and their own team mates.

Additional ESSPA Division 1 Regular Season Rules 

  1. When fielding, a team is allowed to place 10defenders on the field
  1. The defensive team can only have a maximum of male players on the field.
  2. All healthy team members are to be placed in the batting order.
  3. Team members who show up after a game has started are to be placed at the bottom of the batting order and if a spare was playing at the time the spare can continue to play.
  4. A team member injured during a game is to be removed from the batting order (no automatic out).
  5. Teams are allowed to play with 8 players.
  6. Spares, to a maximum of 3 players, may be recruited from either the Spare List, ESSPA Division 2, ESSPA Division 1, or the 45+ Women’s Division to ensure a team has a roster of 10. Spares will be placed at the bottom of the batting order. Note: Individuals who have registered only for the ESSPA Day League are not permitted to play as Spares but are allowed to play for a team as a Guest Player. The same spares shouldn’t be used continually on any one team to give others an opportunity to spare in the division.
  7. Guest players are allowed to play for a team even if that team already has enough players to set their 10-player roster provided players on that team vote in favour. Guest players are only allowed to play 2 games in the Division per season. A Guest player is to be placed at the bottom of the batting order behind the regular team members and, where applicable, any spares that have been recruited. Please review the Guest and Spare Policy and Forms on the ESSPA Website.
  8. Female batters have the option of choosing the small ball to hit. The umpire will announce to the defensive team that small ball is being used.
  9. For early games, no new inning can start after 7:20 p.m. unless agreed upon by the two coaches from the late game.
  10. The ESSPA Division 1 Coordinator will assign and track the dates for rained out games. This assignment will be based on a rain out date order approach; i.e., the two teams playing the first game that is rained out will be the first two teams assigned to play the next available date on the rain out schedule,


Dispute/Disciplinary Resolution

Players should first bring any complaint to their team coach/manager. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the team coach/manager it should be escalated to the ESSPA Division 1 Coordinator. If the matter is not resolved by the ESSPA Division 1 Coordinator or if the team coach/manager does not agree with the ESSPA Division 1 Coordinator’s decision, the matter will then be escalated to the ESSPA Disciplinary Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.

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